are you a cavalier?

Here at BPCC we believe that completing a class toward a degree, diploma or certificate is a huge accomplishment! Even if you took a class or two for professional or personal development, you are a BPCC Cavalier! 

Being a Cavalier means you are impacting the communities around us in amazing ways. It means you completed a goal. Now that you have these skills, what can you do next? Whether you choose to continue on to a university or to immediately enter the workforce, you will start impacting the community around you and shaping your future.


If you graduated a while ago, there is no doubt that you have work and life successes. Do you share your experience with others? Do you promote higher education and what it has done for you? Being a BPCC alum means sharing the experience you had as a student. Your story may affect others in ways you never imagined, and it might just be the encouragement they need to shape their futures.


The Office of Institutional Advancement at BPCC serves as a liaison between graduates, former students, the BPCC Foundation and the College. Through this Office, continuous efforts are made to keep in touch with all members of the BPCC family. 

Get connected and stay connected with your alma mater! Join the BPCC Foundation today. If you are a BPCC graduate, you will receive these alumni benefits:

  • Notification of BPCC events

  • Free admission to BPCC Cavalier home games

  • Limited use of books and resources at the BPCC Library

  • $2 off Cavalier Players theater productions tickets

  • Local restaurant partnership discounts (ask if BPCC partner at check-out)


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