Our committed volunteers ensure the success of the BPCC Foundation's mission through tireless advocacy and support.


Bruce Roberts, President
David "Rocky" Rockett, Vice President
John Michael Moore, Treasurer
Sonja Bailes, Secretary
John T. Hubbard, Immediate Past President
Billy W. Montgomery, Athletic Chairperson
Dr. Rick Bateman, jr., Chancellor
Markey W. Pierre
Phillip A. Rozeman, M.D.
Carol Windham
Michael Woods
Ray Tromba
Kary Landry
Tina Martinez


Tiffany Sandifer, Staff Senate President
Michael Walker, Faculty Senate President
jennifer H. Lawrence, Director of Institutional Advancement & Grants


"I serve to assist and help students achieve and realize their educational goals that directly lead to a meaningful life. My efforts and those of my fellow board members help students by raising funds and finding ways to generate and manage funds in order to help those in need the most. It is with pride that I offer my time, efforts, and passion to making a difference in young people's lives through education at BPCC.”

Ray Tromba
BPCC Foundation Past President