Do you know a BPCC peer who exemplifies A BPCC value?


Innovation is a pillar of the BPCC Strategic Plan and vital to the growth of the College.  The innovators on campus are those colleagues who are proactive in generating new ideas for the College, future-proofing the College for the next generation of students, experimenting with new strategies to reach and teach students, and striving to keep the College on the cutting-edge of higher education.


Success at BPCC takes many different forms.  Some examples could include the following characteristics.  Consider colleagues who work to make progress every day for the College.  Colleagues who help create a growth mindset for students and colleagues.  Colleagues focused on enrollment growth, on student success, and on retention.


Partnerships help sustain BPCC’s place in the community and in the higher education landscape.  When nominating a colleague for this category, consider honoring those who focus on establishing and enhancing internal as well as external partnerships.  Internally, those who use collaborative problem-solving to help BPCC are growing the necessary partnerships on campus.  Externally, partnerships with other academic institutions and industry partners help our students leave BPCC with a bright future.


Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.  Integrity is being accountable and taking responsibility.  Integrity is upholding the principles of the College, being honest, and aware of how individual actions may have an impact on the College.


Respect includes listening to others, accepting employee differences, including others in decision-making, and treating others how we want to be treated.  Respect also includes meeting students and colleagues where they are.  Approaching and appreciating students and colleagues for differences they represent.  Responding to colleagues and students in a timely manner and working together to solve problems are all examples of respect.


Excellence at BPCC can take many different forms.Excellence includes behaviors that focus on continuous improvement; being a role model for other colleagues to follow; and being a leader in the department or division.Colleagues who exemplify excellence are implementing best practices in their area of expertise.They are seeking professional development and offering development to others to make sure skillsets are operating at optimum levels.Exemplifying leadership through volunteering on campus, doing what needs to be done without direction, and engaging others in decision-making are all examples of excellence.